Profitable digital solutions for
credit management and debt collection

Banqsoft aquires CONCENT. See press release.

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The municipalities of the future must work in a smart manner in order to meet the requirements.

Solutions for
collection agencies

CONCENT delivers all the services you need to operate an efficient, digital collection agency – throughout the entire the value chain.

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Banking / Finance

It takes many years to build a reputation, but five minutes to destroy it. A good collection strategy can prevent that.

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Can following up on an invoice be relation building? The answer to that is yes. Loyalty comes with good relations.


Inkassoforum is the industry’s big event where knowledge is shared and new know-how arises. Few others can point to a larger assembly of professional and technological experts, which leads to valuable networking and provides inspiration.

CONCENT takes responsibility for the industry’s development as the thought leader we are. Together with our partners, customers, government, and other resource persons, we build expertise, both within ourselves, and most importantly: our customers.