7 out of 10 collection agencies in Norway have chosen CONCENT. Over 100 Norwegian municipalities representing 2.7 million Norwegians use our services and solutions. Several of Scandinavia’s biggest players within public sector debt and payment are also enjoying the benefit of working with us.

This partnership has given us a unique understanding of what industries within debt and credit management need in order to achieve their goals.

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The municipalities of the future must work in a smart manner in order to meet the requirements for welfare services and the effective management of the income.


Debt collection agencies

CONCENT delivers all the services you need to operate an efficient, digital collection agency – throughout the entire the value chain. No one else gives you equally good insight or business management.



It takes many years to build a reputation, but five minutes to destroy it. If you handle collections yourself, then you ensure that it will be done in accordance with your own company’s values.



Can following up on an invoice be reputation management? The answer to that is yes. Through professional, but customer-friendly follow-up of invoices and debts, you ensure that you keep your customers for a long period of time.