If the municipality chooses to handle the recovery of outstanding funds in-house, then as the market leader we have the most complete tool.

100 of the largest Norwegian municipalities – with a total population of 2.7 million inhabitants – handle municipal collections in-house through our solutions. It gives you more control, extensive automation of case management, as well as self-service solutions that both simplify and protect.

The use of our solutions gives the municipality valuable collections expertise, and it helps to provide the best management of the municipality’s revenues since it prevents them disappearing in fees and commissions. The case manager can set up different actions for the collection. For example, there is a difference between owing money for arrangements for children to be under supervision at school after school hours, and unpaid municipal taxes.

As a client of CONCENT, the municipality becomes part of a strong professional network with multiple meeting points – where knowledge is shared and new insights arise. CONCENT takes industry responsibility for the professional development and is investing more than ever in the further development of services and solutions.

In this way CONCENT contributes to a better municipal economy.

The scalability, wealth of functions and flexibility of our solutions provides opportunities for even the smallest municipality, while the big municipality will experience few limitations in what is possible. Several municipalities have joined forces and collaborate on our solutions.

Core system: Procasso
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