CONCENT Lighthouse:

Cloud based ecosystem for Credit Management. Giving you friction free navigation.

CONCENT Self Service: Efficient self service for both your client and debtors

Online Office

Online Office gives the client web-based access to key information and functionality in rich interfaces, either standard or individualized. In a solution with your graphic profile, you can adapt to your customers’ wishes and needs with timeline, KPIs, historical and expected cash flow, rating, file upload, integrations etc. With customer dialogue integrated into the professional system, communication becomes efficient and traceable. The customer can run reports himself (Insight solutions) and a subscription can be set up. Furthermore, onboarding customers is made very easy.

My Page

Our My Page service can increase the solving of cases. Here, the debtor can settle for modern payment solutions. Installment schemes can be applied for, documents can be made available and the debtor and the case handler can communicate through channels that remain in the in the system.

CONCENT Contact Center
– optimizing dialogue

In order to obtain effective communication, the debtor must be able to be reached wherever he may be. And the debtor may need to communicate the opposite way. This is done either on the telephone or in digital channels, where the information about the case is available at the same time for effective interaction.

Incoming calls can be routed to the case manager or team automatically, with a lookup of case based on phone numbers. Incoming emails are stored on case with update of history plus any follow-up. manage campaigns, etc.

The solutions support chat and social media. Transaction data provides the basis for Insight (best practices and process optimization).

– ensuring integration

Digitization really accelerates when the systems speak well together. Large investments are made in different systems and with good system integration, the potential is utilized and the business can achieve efficiency and better results.
With over 40 different account integrations, CONCENT’s solutions are the best professional system you can use against your ERP software. We also offer a number of special solutions for road financing, energy, telecom, municipalities and other public agencies, to name a few.
CONCENT has expertise in cloud-based mapping functionality (Azure / BizTalk). Correct information entering is a prerequisite for proper information out. CONCENT integrates washing solutions, credit information and all basic data providers in the Nordic region.

CONCENT Insight: 
Make good decisions and improve performance and results

Large amounts of data means you have great values ​on your hands. How can you take advantage of the data set to gain knowledge and overview – just when you need it? How to measure against your KPIs? With CONCENT Insight you get tools that can give your company or your customers higher performance. Here you will find useful reports that are already built into the core solution or as additional solutions for self-service, distribution, data warehousing and business intelligence (BI). CONCENT Insight is our new solution for reporting, insight, decision support and business management. The goal is to provide managers with unique insights into their business and decision support from the system, using historical data as indicators of future performance. CONCENT’s strong domain knowledge and database expertise combined with powerful, scalable solutions can provide you with invaluable information about the challenge. This can increase revenue, reduce costs and minimize risk. Our Insight solutions come in three versions:

  • Insight Standard
  • Insight Distribution Center
  • Insight BI Center

CONCENT Ai – your digital co-workers are coming!

CONCENT are developing Ai solutions for continuous process improvement. There are many routine tasks that can be performed by self-propelled technology, allowing staff to be released for both more interesting and more important tasks. We’ve all heard of those who “hate” parts of the job? With artificial intelligence (Ai) comes your new colleague who does these jobs – around the clock and just right every time. The systems will even increase their competence for each work done and will take on more and more tasks as time goes by.

CollectionBot: Making the right workflow decisions for you

With collection based on historical events and known data, case processing can be streamlined, the solution rate improved and the credit time reduced. Larger volumes can be handled and that means far fewer manual tasks. Easier implementation of Champion / Challenger strategy with continuous measurement of workflows against alternative measures makes this a good tool for increased collection results.

Rules are set up with GDPR compliance and monitoring, and will therefore be your best friend for compliance.

CONCENT Omnichannel – efficient document distribution

CONCENT takes distribution of documents, emails and messaging to a new level in the cloud. With up to 50.000 documents per hour, we can now deliver very high speed and high capacity. At the same time, the collection result can be improved and a bigger profit can be given. The solution has the possibility of segmentation and analysis of results with CPI monitoring. We have also built in PDCA support.

You can interact with the authorities through integration solutions. The new service can be run in parallel with the existing, controlled transition service. Where the receiver is not reached in digital channels, there are good fallback solutions.

CONCENT Central — for full control

CONCENT Central is your cloud-based monitor for production and distribution, giving you control – wherever you are.

All production processes come together in one dashboard. With open APIs, we connect to your services for import, export and production. The services are configured in a common interface and CONCENT Central can be set up to support your needs. Here you will also find drilldown support.

Central solutions can make your business less vulnerable as the need for key personnel is reduced. With cloud-based services, setup, use and distribution are easier. CONCENT Central supports mobile devices.